Twitter went live today with an update to its Expanded Tweets that enables its partners to include multimedia and other content enhancements with any tweet. Delivering content right into the feed makes Twitter even more of an alternative to blogs and destination websites than it already is.

Clicking on one of these tweets – which contain links to partner websites – reveals an article preview, a photo, a video clip ready to view inside its own player, and other interactive features that don’t require the user to leave Twitter.

“This easy new way to discover content from the web begins rolling out to everyone on and starting today, and it’s coming soon to Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android,” wrote Michael Sippey, director, product team on the Twitter blog.

Lifetime, TMZ, WWE, SoundCloud and Daily Motion are among the first partners signed up to use expanded tweets, as are Lytro, BuzzFeed, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Time, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and der Spiegel Online.

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Photo by Flickr user Rosaura Ochoa, used under Creative Commons license