Silver Spring, Md. – Pinbooster, a Silver Spring-based startup founded by Dave Weinberg and Ariel Remer, said it has launched a new platform that lets advertisers pay willing Pinterest users to “pin” their advertisements.

“We make it affordable for advertisers to promote their brands on Pinterest and reach a larger audience than their budget should allow,” said Remer.

The company, currently in private beta, said users – who for the time being must request invitations – can sign up for the service through their Pinterest accounts, then are provided with their Pinterest statistics and a suggestion of how much they should charge per pin. They can then receive offers from advertisers, suggest a pin description and, soon after, get paid.

Advertisers, meanwhile, can purchase credits for the site, search for a pinner they want to use, make an offer with a pin and approve a description. Once pinned, the credits are automatically removed from their account.

This article was also published in Potomac Tech Wire, which is not responsible for the alliterative headline.

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Photo by Flickr user midiman, used under Creative Commons license