Katalyst Network, a team well-versed in both entertainment and technology co-founded by Ashton Kutcher, today announced Thrash Lab, a new initiative whose mission is to identify, nurture and fund the next generation of digital storytellers.

Similar to how accelerators operate, Thrash Lab is building a network of creators and mentors at all stages of digital entertainment careers. It also will use its platform as a foundation for building larger but targeted audiences and obtaining sponsorships.

Thrash Lab’s first project is its own YouTube channel, one of the first channels Google announced. It posted its first video on March 7 and is now coalescing around three anchor shows.

One is Rituals (What Do People Do Before Their Big Moment); a sample episode follows indie pop band Foster the People as they prepare for their concert in Mexico. Another is Subculture Club, which looks at specialized subcultures around the U.S., including an episode about how teenage magicians found a community that welcomed them at Los Angeles’ Magic Castle, the world-famous private club for magicians. The third is The Factuary, which covers events of the day from its own humorous perspective in two-minute segments.

“The creative audiences out there want and need a smart and sophisticated digital content channel that is creating premium entertainment,” said Anthony Batt, president of Katalyst. “With Thrash Lab we are creating targeted content, and we will also leverage our deep relationships with top brands who want to reach smart and sophisticated digital audiences.”

Katalyst was founded in 2000 by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, and was subsequently joined by BuzzMedia founder Anthony Batt to drive the digital division.

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Photo shows Ashton Kutcher in the CBS sitcom, “Two and a Half Men”