Washington, DC – Markerly, a newly launched DC-based startup founded by LivingSocial veteran Sarah Ware, is aiming to simplify the process of sharing articles online.

The site, which Ware describes as “the Pinterest for text, with a dash of EverNote, a sprinkle of Digg and a hint of Twitter,” allows users to more quickly sift through articles sent by friends by focusing on highlighted text, as well as keep track of shared articles in one centralized location.

“Pinterest is great for vision-boards, crafts, home decorating and certain brands, but not so good for news content or articles,” said Ware. “Instead of bookmarking an entire article, I wanted to bookmark text.”

The site plans to roll out tags and commenting in the next month, as well as the ability to include friends in public and private groups.

Ware most recently served as an assistant manager at LivingSocial. She also previously co-founded a daily deal aggregator called DigItDeals.

This article was also published in Potomac Tech Wire.

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Photo by Flickr user photosteve101, used under Creative Commons license