As the Comic-Con buzz gets louder, Machinima posted the world premiere teaser trailer for Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn, the live-action webseries set to debut in October on Machinima Prime and on Halo Waypoint.

The full trailer will be shown at San Diego Comic-Con, July 12-15, where there will be several Xbox-related panels and Microsoft will reveal more details about the cast and director.

Although a webseries is a far cry from the major motion picture Microsoft announced in 2005, it’s still a relatively big budget program that promises to bring “a brand new Halo story to life on a scale never before seen in the Halo Universe,” according to the promotional materials.

The series will focus on the life of a young United Nations Space Command (UNSC) cadet under the command of Master Chief (pictured), as he works his way up the ranks aboard the UNSC Infinity spacecraft. It will be a self-contained story that also serves as an introduction to Halo for the non-initiated.

The Halo 4 game, developed by 343 Industries exclusively for Xbox, will be released November 6.

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