Producer Bryan Singer chose to make his highly anticipated next project, H+ The Digital Series, specifically for the online audience. Having made movies like The Usual Suspects, X-Men: First Class and Apt Pupil, Singer could have aimed for any screen he wanted.

But online is the appropriate medium for the live-action H+. The series is set in a not-too-distant future, when people go one step beyond Google’s Project Glass and have a neural chipset implanted for constant, thought-controlled Internet connectivity. When a virus is introduced into the network, the term “fatal error” takes on a horribly literal meaning.

Fans will learn more on Friday, when H+ The Digital Series holds a preview screening and panel discussion at San Diego Comic-Con, hosted by Rotten Tomatoes’ Matt Atchity. Among the scheduled participants are cast members Alexis Denisof (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), David Clayton Rogers (Jane by Design), Sean Gunn (Gilmore Girls), John Cabrera (co-writer), Stewart Hendler (director) and Jason Taylor (producer).

The series makes its YouTube debut on August 8, slightly over a year since it was first announced.

“Our first venture into the digital space gives us the freedom to engage fans with new content that is immersive, interactive and is tailored to be enjoyed online,” said Bryan Singer. “H+ The Digital Series on YouTube provides us with a strong two-way dialogue with our fans, creating a deeper and ongoing connection.”

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About “H+ The Digital Series”

“H+ The Digital Series” comes from producer Bryan Singer (“The Usual Suspects,” “X-Men: First Class”) and Jason Taylor (“uwantme2killhim?”) with Stewart Hendler (“Sorority Row”) as director. Beatriz Acevedo, Doug Greiff, Lance Sloane, Marc Berliner, Bill O’Dowd, James Henrie, Philip Von Alvenslenben and John Cabrera also serve as Executive Producers. The series was created and written by John Cabrera (“Gilmore Girls”) and Cosimo De Tommaso. “H+ The Digital Series” is produced by Warner Premiere, Bad Hat Harry Productions and Dolphin Digital Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.