Kazaana, the interactive social platform formerly known as PixyKids, launched today in beta. Besides the new name and the new status, Kazaana also announced that Shai Samet, founder of the kidSAFE Seal Program and a children’s privacy expert, has joined the company’s board of advisors.

The platform is designed for kids 12 and under, so that kind of reassurance regarding safety is valuable, even though the platform already is TRUSTe certified and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliant. It’s just not possible to be too careful with an online destination for children, especially following the Habbo scandal.

Kazanna members can play games, interact, customize and animate their avatars, collect and share personal content, and communicate with others in their personal network via text, photos, video and more. Parents approve each request to join a personal network, and all content is moderated more than once.

“Today’s open beta launch is a major milestone for Kazaana, and more importantly we’ve delivered on our mission to families by introducing the only digital platform where kids are empowered to be 100 percent themselves by inviting the people who are most important to them to interact and participate in experiences from their offline world through social technologies,” said Rajul Kadakia, CEO and co-founder of Kazaana.

” Our safe platform appeals to kids because we allow them to experiment and play with social features in a framework that makes sense to them, and it appeals to parents because it’s an extension of their child’s offline world, which supports their core values such as strengthening close relationships, child enrichment, and archiving memories,” said Michael Adair, chief operating officer and co-founder.

Just as a footnote, are we the only ones geeky enough to think of InuYasha when we hear the name Kazaana?

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