There’s no shortage of events these days that aim to tackle the issue of how to effectively create, distribute, and make money from digital content. That’s not much of a surprise, considering how it’s still too early to have established models for digital — everyone is still experimenting and it’s important to share nuggets of insights, when they do arise, in a bid to continue pushing the industry forward.

Digital Entertainment World was founded by IDG World Expo and Digital Media Wire with that specific goal in mind — bring the relevant players in the digital ecosystem together and foster conversations, and who knows maybe some deals, too.

The focus, again, is exclusively on digital content, spanning video, games, and more. Now in its second year, there’s a lot more for people to talk about on that front. After all, from HBO’s decision to go over-the-top later in 2015 to virtual reality becoming the hottest thing at both CES and Sundance, digital is no longer viewed by old-school Hollywood and Madison Avenue types with a dismissive eye.

To dispense some thoughts on that, as well as what else to expect at DEW, we chatted with Digital Media Wire’s CEO and publisher Ned Sherman, on the eve of the now-annual event. Read more.