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"Big Bang Theory" Fake Game Turns Real

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today formally released its new Facebook game "The Big Bang Theory: Mystic Warlords of Ka’a," which has been in beta since July 27. The timing is not accidental. Warner Bros. Television's hit comedy returns to the screen tonight on CBS in back-to-back episodes kicking off its fifth season, having recently started to air five nights a week in off-network syndication.

Law Blocks Netflix/Facebook Integration in U.S.

The law of unintended consequences has resulted in Netflix opting not to launch its Facebook integration in the U.S., although it will in Canada...

Korea Slaps Curfew on Gamers

Any South Korean under 16 is now prohibited from playing online games between midnight and 6 a.m. The controversial Youth Protection Revision bill makes South Korea, the country with the fifth-highest penetration of broadband in the world, the first country to implement such a law.

False Take-Down Notice Hits Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Others

A prank at the expense of Justin Bieber caused all of the musician’s videos to be taken down from YouTube. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and other artists who were in the 2011 Video Music Awards also had their videos targeted.

Myspace Music Player attracts a million new users [with chart]

Myspace today announced receiving more than 1 million new sign-ups in the last month, due primarily to its Myspace Music Player, which brings the service's monthly users to 25 million.

Hey, hockey puck! NHL PrePlay adds a second-screen experience to live...

Hockey fans can test their in-game predictive powers with the licensed NHL PrePlay second screen app, which lets fans play along with the televised action, pitting their expertise against everyone else or just a private circle of friends.

Wikia Names ex-Gracenote Craig Palmer as CEO

Wikia, the collaboratively published entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle content network, has named Craig Palmer to the position of chief executive officer recently vacated by Gil Penchina. The company said it was now well positioned for a new growth phase.

Search giant Baidu invests in content recommender Taboola for Chinese expansion

VentureBeat reports "Taboola CEO and founder Adam Singolda, who told me that the new strategic partnership is “bringing content discovery as a new advertising category to China,” declined to specify the amount of the investment. He noted this was Baidu’s fourth investment in a U.S. company, following alternative ride provider Uber, indoor positioning service Indoor Atlas, and the acquisition of mobile security firm TrustGo Mobile."

Berklee Announces Ambitious New Cross-Industry Project with Majors and Big Tech...

Billboard reports "Around this time last year, the Berklee College of Music's campaign Rethink Music debuted its "Fair Music: Transparency And Money Flows In The Music Industry" report. The report, a succinct (and Kobalt-funded) 29 pages, was scathing in conclusion of a systemically delayed adoption of modern technologies by the music industry."

Retail E-Commerce Spending Grows 12% from Year Ago

Reston, Va. - E-commerce spending in the U.S. rose 12% last quarter, compared with the year before, marking the sixth straight quarter of positive growth, according...