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Network-wide ad blocking violates net neutrality, European regulators rule

Mashable reports "European regulators just put a major roadblock in the way of one of the most ambitious and aggressive ad blocking startups — as well as the telecom that had hoped to benefit from it. The company, an Israeli tech firm called Shine, had planned to partner with the European wireless carrier Three to block all mobile ads from reaching its 30 million subscribers. But a European Union agency said this week that such a plan would violate net neutrality, the principle that internet service providers should treat all web traffic equally."

5 Questions With: Martha Nelson of Yahoo

Martha Nelson is the Senior Vice President and Global Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo. Her track record in the editorial world dates back to 1983 and includes some of the most recognizable print publications. A major part of her rise to veteran status happened at Time Inc where she worked for Who Weekly, InStyle and People Magazine. In 2010 Martha became editor-in-chief at Time Inc, a position she held for about a year before heading to Yahoo! She has been with Yahoo! for just over a year now. Digital Media Wire had the pleasure of talking to Martha about her inspirations and her marathon run in publishing and journalism. In the interview, we discuss her thoughts about working in media, Yahoo!’s unique approach in media, how video is changing the digital publishing landscape, and what’s next for the company. Check out the full interview below.

Facebook’s new skunkworks photo team wants to bring virtual reality to...

Recode reports "When Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus back in 2014, it did so under the assumption that virtual reality would be the next big platform — the mobile phone after the mobile phone. That’s probably not going to happen if capturing the perfect 360-degree photo or video requires hundreds of dollars in camera equipment. That’s what Uyttendaele is trying to solve, along with the handful of other longtime software engineers that make up Facebook’s new computational photography team. That group was founded late last fall by three veterans with a combined 60+ years building photography tools nearby at Microsoft. Its task at Facebook: Make photo and video features that will make virtual reality stick with the masses."

China Box Office: Growth Returns in August After Prolonged Downturn

The Hollywood Reporter reports "China's box office shifted back into growth mode in August after one of its worst slumps in years. Chinese ticket sales rose 12 percent to $606 million (4.05 billion yuan) in August, compared with $543 million (3.62 billion yuan) in 2015, according to data from Beijing-based firm Entgroup. From April to June, sales shrunk 5 percent — the Chinese box office's first full-quarter decline in over five years. In July, the downturn deepened, with revenue plunging 18 percent compared to the year prior."

The Ad-Blocking Browser That Pays the Sites You Visit

Wired reports "Earlier this year, Eich launched Brave, a new web browser that blocks third party trackers, like cookies. As a side effect, the browser also blocks most ads. But Eich and company have always wanted to find a way to help publishers make money. Starting today, the desktop version of Brave will tally up how often you visit different sites and then set aside a small amount of the bitcoin digital currency for your favorite publishers. Then, once a month, it will send off your donation to a central bitcoin wallet so that publishers can get their share. It should work with Coinbase or any other bitcoin wallet."

Android developers can now apply to put public betas in the...

The Verge reports "Google announced an effort to make it far easier for Android users to download beta software from the Google Play Store. Previously, downloading still-in-development software required joining a Google Group or side-loading an app completely outside Google Play. But a little over a month ago, Google rolled out a new Early Access section of the Play Store. It's a central spot where users can browse and install apps and games that aren't quite ready for official launch. There's even a "beta" tab next to the list of apps you've previously downloaded to help you keep track of what's pre-release software and what's not. Google's own apps are included in the program."

Twitter adds new ways to monetize live video via Periscope and...

TechCrunch reports "Twitter announced a new monetization option today, adding live Periscope content to its Amplify Publisher Program, which lets approved creators and brands earn a share of ad revenue on their media posts. Including live content produced via Periscope in the program is new, and the first partners to take advantage are Chase and Grey Goose, who are creating broadcasts with tennis legend Andy Roddick to coincide with the U.S. Open."

U.S. Treasury accuses EU of claiming tax revenues from Apple owed...

VentureBeat reports "The United States has accused the European Union of grabbing revenue intended for U.S. coffers when it ordered Apple to pay up to $14.5 billion in back taxes, a decision that could cause friction at an international summit in China next week. The EU executive this week retroactively scrapped a tax deal Apple had with Ireland, arguing the technology giant was effectively paying a tax rate of a fraction of 1 percent on its profits."

SoundCloud Hires Holly Lim as Its First Chief Financial Officer

Billboard reports "SoundCloud has hired Holly Lim as the streaming music platform's first chief financial officer. Lim, who arrives from Google, starts on Tuesday (Sept. 6) and will be splitting her time between SoundCloud HQ in Berlin and its New York City office. Co-founder and CEO Alex Ljung said that in the newly developed role, Lim will 'guide our financial strategy and help us establish a long term view around how we maintain SoundCloud’s financial health and capitalize on new opportunities for growth.'"

Qualcomm unveils a wireless eye-tracking VR headset

TechCrunch reports "Another day, another VR headset that you will never be able to buy. Today at the IFA conference in Berlin, Qualcomm unveiled a reference design for an all-in-one headset built on the company’s new Snapdragon VR820 architecture. The company’s Snapdragon 820 is already one of the most popular smartphone SoC’s on the market, but Qualcomm believes that mobile VR’s full potential isn’t being reached on the 820 because the headsets aren’t single-minded enough."