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Korea’s CJ E&M Pacts With Warner’s DramaFever for Original Productions

Variety reports "Korean media giant CJ E&M, through its production subsidiary Studio Dragon, has signed a 3-year pact with Warner Bros.’ streaming video site DramaFever to co-produce a slate of original series. The output is intended for global audiences. The agreement was announced by Craig Hunegs, President of Business and Strategy, Warner Bros. Television Group, at the Broadcast World Wide convention in Seoul, Wednesday."

Inside an indie cross-platform launch

GamesIndustry reports "We designed a cross-platform game for desktop and mobile called Crashlands. While making the game we had to tackle a bevy of questions related to the Cross-Platform Problem. Do we launch on all platforms simultaneously? How do we choose price points on each platform? How can we make an engaging game that controls beautifully on mobile while being deep enough for desktop? Will sales on mobile cannibalize our sales on desktop?"

Beats Wins Case Alleging Double Dealing Before $3 Billion Apple Sale

Billboard reports "A judge has dismissed the key claims in a lawsuit alleging that headphone maker Beats Electronics duped one of its early partners before negotiating its $3 billion sale to Apple two years ago. The summary judgment issued late Monday by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Fahey resolves the heart of a case that accused Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine of double-crossing former partner Noel Lee, founder of video and audio cable maker Monster LLC."

Acer has started shipping its StarVR headsets for use at the...

TechCrunch reports "StarVR made a small splash at last year’s E3 when it demoed its new high-end headset. Just ahead of this year’s gaming show, the company announced that it would be joining forces with Acer to collaborate on the designing and manufacturing of the amusement park-ready hardware. Today at IFA, the companies announced that the first devices have begun shipping –specifically to IMAX, which plans to utilize them for its upcoming Los Angeles-based IMAX VR Center. This initial shipment is the first phase of a larger planned roll out announced by the companies earlier this year."

ModDB acquires Gamefront

GamesIndustry reports "GameFront, the mod file database and sharing site which was closed down by owners Defy Media in March, has been rescued by former competitor ModDB, which aims to relaunch the site and keep its collection of files available for download. GameFront and FileFront were once popular depositories for mod files and other extras such as skins, operating on a DRM-free basis. However, Defy Media's contraction of its gaming properties, including The Escapist, left the site untended."

HTC makes $5 million investment in VR gaming startup Steel Wool...

TechCrunch reports "HTC is continuing to invest heavily in building up the virtual reality ecosystem that it hopes to one day dominate. Steel Wool Studios, an Oakland-based gaming studio made up of Pixar veterans with a few decades of animation experience under their belts, announced today that it has closed a $5 million round of Series A funding coming entirely from HTC, the manufacturer of the Vive virtual reality headset. In the past six months, HTC has launched a number of initiatives aimed at fostering investments in the virtual reality space. Back in April, the company dedicated $100 million to its Vive X accelerator program which is making small early stage investments in VR hardware and content companies that contribute to the health of the overall ecosystem."

The Trouble With Semi-Niche Streaming Platforms

Forbes Reports "Digitalsmiths, the TiVo owned content recommendation firm, released theirquarterly report of VOD and cable purchasing habits in North American households, and the results bode ill for platforms entering the VOD market without a very specific niche or a massive content footprint. The poll comprised over three thousand adult participants in both the United States and Canada. Looking at quarter over quarter trends Netflix seems to be holding steady with 50% market penetration. Amazon Prime has a solid 25% share and Hulu comes in third with a 12% penetration rate in the streaming market. All of these services provide a mix of movies, original programming and legacy television. The typical streaming consumer has one or two of these services and uses them regularly."

Europe’s net neutrality guidelines seen as a victory for the open...

The Verge reports "Europe's telecommunications regulator has published final guidelines on how the EU will implement net neutrality rules that were adopted last year, in what digital rights groups are hailing as a victory for the free and open internet. The guidelines, published Tuesday, clarify vaguely worded provisions that experts say could have been exploited by telecoms to favor certain internet services over others."

Twitter Opens Video Ads to All U.S. Users, Touting Better Revenue-Sharing...

Variety reports "Twitter has opened its Amplify program to all video creators in the United States, allowing them to generate content from pre-roll ads sold by the company. Under the standard terms of the program, Twitter will pay video creators 70% of ad revenue, keeping 30% for itself. That’s better than YouTube and Facebook, both of which share 55% of ad revenue with video-content partners."

China Advances Film Industry Law, Cracks Down on “Western Values”

The Hollywood Reporter reports "China's top legislature on Monday reviewed a draft of the country's long-awaited first film law. Once passed, the new legal framework will have wide-ranging implications for China's domestic film industry and the Hollywood studios that do business in the country. China's box office is expected to surpass North America's within the next three years. This week's review process at the National People's Congress Standing Committee, which runs from Monday to Saturday, provides a sneak peek of the new rulebook likely to govern the world's soon-to-be-largest movie market. The topics addressed range from censorship policy to market access for foreign films to how to handle artists "tainted" by drug and prostitution scandals."