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Can You Legally Resell iTunes Music? [with demo video]

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case that involved consumers’ rights to resell a digital product. Lawyers may get another chance to ponder these questions with tomorrow’s launch of ReDigi.

eHarmony Loses Lawsuit, Will Make Site "Welcoming" to Gays

Los Angeles - Dating site eHarmony on Tuesday agreed to pay $500,000 and make its site more "welcoming" to gay and lesbian customers, as part of...

PersonalWeb Melds with Brilliant Digital's Kinetech

Brilliant Digital Entertainment subsidiary Kinetech Inc. and Texas-based startup PersonalWeb Technologies confirmed the recent completion of an asset contribution that provided BDE with majority ownership of PersonalWeb. Kinetech contributed its Truenames patent portfolio to PersonalWeb as part of the transaction, but other business details were not available. The companies said the purpose of the agreement was to combine the technology, software development and intellectual property strengths of both companies.

Anti-bully law could turn trolls into criminals

A bipartisan bill designed to stop online bullying has raised the specter of Internet censorship as it passes through Arizona's legislature.

DEW Startup Competition Entry Deadline – Jan. 1, 2017

Hey Everyone, To all of you involved in digital entertainment startups, the entry deadline for the 2017 Digital Entertainment World Startup Competition is this...

Guest column: Don't clone my indie game, bro

The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) showcases the industry’s hottest trends, from its most innovative game-play experiences, to its top-trending peeves and squabbles. I am prepared to ‘call’ the 26th GDC’s Peeve of the Year.

Isohunt Debuts 'Lite' U.S. Version of Site to Appease Court

Los Angeles - Following a federal judge's order last month to removing all infringing content from its site, Torrent search engine Isohunt has opted to block...

Yahoo security breach affects Yahoo Voices contributors

If you’re a contributor to Yahoo Voices, which lets people submit content and get paid based on readership, change your password now. Log-ins have been hacked, but you can check here to see if you're affected.

Is the Government Trying to Kill the Internet?

New legislation proposed today raises all kinds of demons and specters that have nothing to do with Halloween. The STOP Online Piracy Act, introduced Wednesday by leaders of the House Judiciary Committee and a companion to the Senate Judiciary Committee's proposed Protect IP Act, instantly ignited heated arguments both for and against.

Transmedia Producers – Conducting Symphonies of Narratives

We hosted the second in a series of exclusive Transmedia workshops last week in Washington D.C. with Starlight Runner’s Jeff Gomez. This time I...