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YouTube enables pay-per-view live events and stats

YouTube publishers with early access to YouTube Live can now monetize their live events with advertising or pay-per-view options that can be priced differently by country.

Electus cooks up foodie YouTube channel

Further demonstrating belief in the platform’s potential, Ben Silverman's Electus today confirmed that Bruce Seidel has been named CEO of the multimedia entertainment studio’s upcoming food-centric YouTube channel.

Promise DVR eliminates scheduling by recording everything

Forget to set the DVR? A new unit called Promise solves that problem by simply recording everything that gets broadcast.

5 Questions With: PluraVida’s Sam Gilchrist

PluraVida is an emerging company at the forefront of the rights tech solutions movement for digital content distributors. Producers, distributors and everyone in between the concept-to-consumer pipeline are more abundant than ever and in need of ownership and monetary tracking technology to keep business straight. After two decades in the industry, PluraVida’s CEO and founder Sam Gilchrist sought to fill that need in 2014 when the company was established.

False Take-Down Notice Hits Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Others

A prank at the expense of Justin Bieber caused all of the musician’s videos to be taken down from YouTube. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and other artists who were in the 2011 Video Music Awards also had their videos targeted.

Student Creator of 'YouTube Instant' Offered YouTube Job

San Bruno, Calif. - A Stanford University student who watched Google (NASD:  GOOG) launch its new "Instant Search" feature and created a similar search feature for...

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace and the Story of Jay Park (AKA...

Los Angeles - If you pay any attention to Asian Entertainment news, you can't miss  the story on Asian pop star Jay Park (AKA...

SnagFilms expands distribution, capabilities and executive team

SnagFilms intends to be the go-to brand for independent films, and it just took further steps in that direction with newly unveiled distribution platforms, the launch of new social media and mobile applications, and several new executive hires.

'Whale Wars' controversy continues in Watchitoo event [with video]

Animal Planet is inviting all viewers to a live discussion after its new mini-series "Whale Wars: Viking Shores" airs on May 4, in an HD video event powered by Watchitoo.

Less Accessiblity Equals More Piracy for Fox

Fox Broadcasting pushed its TV Anywhere pay wall into place a week ago, and now piracy of its programs has apparently increased. Fox’s decision required...