New York – Apple (NASD:  AAPL) is hoping that the new tablet computer it’s
expected to introduce next week will be used in classrooms as well as homes,
and "reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television much the
way his iPod revamped the music industry," The Wall Street Journal
reported, citing people familiar with the situation. Apple intends for multiple
family members or persons to be able to share the device, which is expected to
feature 10- or 11-inch touch-screen, a virtual keyboard, and possibly a webcam.

The company has reportedly recently held discussions with publishers including
The New York Times, Conde Nast and News Corp. on getting their various
publications on the device; one source said The Times is discussing possibly
charging for access through the iTunes Store.

Apple is also said to be working
with Electronic Arts to bring games to the tablet, and speaking to networks
about a "best of TV" subscription service.

The Journal cited analysts
who believe Apple’s tablet device will eventually go on sale for about $1,000.


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