According to data from Nielsen, more than 25% of film-related online conversations concerning the 82nd Academy Awards focused on buzz around Avatar. While Avatar is the undisputed front runner, The Hurt Locker captured 16% of film-related Oscar buzz during the same period.

Jeff Bridges, who is nominated for his role in Crazy Heart, leads both Colin Firth and George Clooney by more than a 5% margin in actor-related buzz.

Sandra Bullock leads actress-related buzz with Carey Mulligan trailing by just a few percentage points.

Nielsen tracked a mix of social and news sites between January 25 and February 26. For more on this, see Mashable’s coverage including the Nielsen charts for the categories mentioned above:


  1. “Avatar”, which is the most successful film of all time as measured by box office receipts, captured roughly 27% of the online buzz surrounding the 10 Oscar-nominated films this year. This was significantly more buzz than generated by its next-closest competitor, Iraq War drama “The Hurt Locker, which represented about 17% of online buzz.

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