New York – Consumer
electronics firms Samsung and Panasonic began selling their new 3D television
models this week in the U.S.,
while Sony (NYSE:  SNE) plans to enter the market in June. Samsung is offering a $3,000 bundle
that includes a 46-inch television, 3D-compatible Blu-ray player and two pairs
of 3D glasses, while Panasonic is selling a $2,900 bundle — exclusively at
Best Buy stores — that includes a 50-inch plasma TV, 3D-compatible Blu-ray player
and one pair of 3D glasses.

While 3D televisions are becoming more widely
available, 3D content to view on them is still sparse.

DirecTV plans to launch
a 3D channel by June, while ESPN has said some event broadcasts will be offered
in 3D.

A Fox representative could not provide details for CNET as to exactly
when its breakthrough 3D movie "Avatar" will be available for home


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