Los Angeles
Hulu, the video portal joint venture between News Corp. (NYSE:  NWS), NBC Universal (NYSE:  GE) and
Disney (NYSE:  DIS), plans to begin testing a $9.95 per month subscription offering as soon
as next month, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing people with knowledge of
the plans.

The new direction would reportedly see Hulu continue to offer the
five most-recent episodes of popular TV shows, while older episodes would only
be available via subscription to "Hulu Plus."

The story notes that
Hulu reported a profit in its two most recent quarters, and generated more than
$100 million in revenue from advertising.


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(L.A. Times)


  1. Hey Hulu – you’re making a boat load of cash off advertising AND you’re service is slow as hell. Please do offer a premium Hulu subscription. Then everyone will leave and find another hulu. Once you step into the premium game, you’re going to compete against the chinese and russian websites that offer live & on demand streaming. They offer much more than the handful of shows you do without the long ads. Sayonara Hulu-san. Donald von Fabio has spoken!