Redwood City,
Calif. –
The 21-year-old who
found a prototype Apple (NASD:  AAPL) iPhone 4G in a bar and eventually sold it to a reporter
from Gizmodo says he regrets not doing more to return the device to its owner,
Redwood City, Calif. resident Brian Hogan told, through his attorney
Jeffrey Bornstein. Hogan, who has been interviewed by authorities but not
charged with any crime, further told through his attorney that
Gizmodo asserted to him that "there was nothing wrong in sharing the phone
with the tech press."

law considers a lost item stolen if the finder does not "make reasonable
and just efforts to find the owner and to restore the property."

to Hogan’s lawyer, a friend of Hogan’s "offered to call Apple Care on Hogan’s
behalf," which Wired notes was "apparently the extent of Hogan’s
efforts to return the phone."

The owners of the bar where the phone was
lost also told reporters that Apple employee Gray Powell, who left the iPhone
in the bar, returned several times to see if it had been turned in.

Hogan then reached out to a number of technology publications, including Engadget and, before selling the device to Gizmodo, whose reporter Jason Chen then published details on the unreleased device.

Chen is also under investigation in connection with the incident.

"[Hogan] made a mistake," his attorney told "He
should have just immediately turned that phone in."


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  1. Nothing but another example of a person without real values. Kid surely knows right from wrong, and had he found keys or a wallet he likely would have handed it to the manager. Being Silcon valley, and being tech, this fool picked greed over a simple, proper deed. Now he faces having to spend his “reward” on lawyers before getting a label from the courts, that will follow him for life . Shame on him, and anyone who chooses to defend him for a “mistake”.”Calling Apple care” – what a lie, and proves him a dirtbag!