– As sales of its Wii console slowed, Nintendo reported an 18% decline in
profits for its fiscal year ended March 31, citing in part a Wii price cut and lackluster
new games.

The company sold 20.5 million Wii consoles worldwide last year, down
from 26 million the previous year; Nintendo now forecasts it will sell 18
million Wii consoles in the current fiscal year.

"This fiscal year,
business performance was negatively impacted by a price reduction on Wii
hardware, fewer strong Wii software titles in the first half and appreciation
of the yen," the company said in a statement.

Nintendo also sold 27.11
million units of its DS handheld game system last year, down from 31.18 million
in the previous year.

The company is expected to introduce a new version, the 3DS, at
the E3 Expo this year.


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