– AT&T (NYSE:  T) on Wednesday announced plans to finally enable tethering to Apple’s (NASD:  AAPL)
iPhone, along with new data plans for its new smartphone and iPad-owning
customers. The new DataPlus entry-level data package offers 200MB of data per
month for $15, with extra 200MB allotments costing another $15, while a DataPro
tier offers 2GB of data for $25 per month, with an extra 1GB costing $10.

ability to "tether" an iPhone’s 3G signal to provide connectivity to
a laptop or other device will mean new and existing account holders must choose
the DataPro plan at $25 per month, plus pay $20 per month extra for the
tethering capability.

AT&T also eliminated the "unlimited" data
option for new iPad sign-ups, making new subscribers sign up for DataPro while
existing customers can maintain their unlimited plans at $29 per month.

AT&T said it will provide customers with text message notifications when
they begin to approach the new data limits, and also offers various
applications for smartphone owners.

The new plans are slated to become available
on June 7 — the same date that Apple is expected to introduce a new iPhone.


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