Update: The Pulse reader app has returned to the App Store, although it’s still unclear how that happened.

New York
– A popular RSS feed reader application for Apple’s (NASD:  AAPL) iPad has been pulled from
the App Store at the request of The New York Times (NYSE:  NYT), which says the app violates
its terms of service, reported.

The $4 Pulse application has been
downloaded 35,000 times, and got a nod from Steve Jobs during his keynote
address at Apple’s developer conference on Monday.

In its complaint, The Times states that Pulse violates its terms of use because it is repurposes Times
content for commercial means. notes that many other feed reader
applications available from the App Store perform the same functions, and
points out that, ironically, The Times’ own review of Pulse praises the app’s
ability to display "basically cleaned-up versions of a news site’s RSS
feeds, or to see the full articles as they are presented on the Web."


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