New York – Mobile ads from Google’s (NASD:  GOOG) AdMob are not being
rejected from Apple’s (NASD:  AAPL) new iAd platform, as Apple had implied several weeks ago
might be the case, The Wall Street Journal reported. Developers confirmed for
The Journal that their iPhone applications that utilize AdMob for ad-serving
are being approved by Apple.

Apple had previously stated that it would bar
mobile ads served by third-party ad networks that have corporate parents also
involved in developing mobile phones and mobile operating systems — as Google

Apple launched the iAd platform on Thursday, reportedly charging marketers
between $1 million and $10 million to use the format.

Advertisers include
Unilever, Disney, Nissan, AT&T, Chanel, Geico, Best Buy, DirecTV and Turner
Broadcasting have committed to spend up to $60 million on the platform through
the end of the year.

The Journal notes that Apple’s move could have the effect
of relieving pressure from federal antitrust regulators, who are conducting an
informal inquiry into Apple.


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