Santa Clara, Calif. – Consumers are spending more on virtual
goods on social networks than in online games, and North American women over 25
are spending more on virtual goods than any other demographic, according to a
report from market research firm VG Market and virtual currency firm PlaySpan.

The survey of survey of 2,221 customers between the ages of 13 and 64 across
the PlaySpan Marketplace, Facebook via Spare Change, and Ultimate Game Card
system found that 75% have purchased virtual goods, and 32% have made such
purchases within social networks.

The median spending on digital goods on
social networks is $50 per year, followed by massively multiplayer online games
($40); free-to-play games ($40); PC games with online play ($37); and console
games with online play ($20).

While males are playing significantly more games
and are the primary drivers of total digital goods sales, North American women
over 25 are spending disproportionately large sums.

On social networks, the
average female spent $55 on virtual goods, compared to $30 for males; females also
spent twice as much ($50 to $25) as males on in-game currency, while the media
overall expenditure was $80 for females, compared with $60 for males, according
to the report.


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