Cupertino, Calif. – Apple (NASD: AAPL) is investigating complaints from
iPhone 3 owners who say the recent iOS 4 software update has degraded the
performance and battery life of their smartphones, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Hundreds of postings on the subject have been made on Apple’s own support forums,
ranging from slower keyboard response time to frozen screens, and shorter
battery life.

The company said that the new iOS 4 would support both the older
iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3, but not the original iPhone, adding that multitasking
would not be supported for the iPhone 3.

Among the options for those affected
is restoring the iPhone 3, which will revert the operating system back to iOS 3
— although this will also delete personal data.


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  1. Its Iphone 3G, not 3. I’m not being picky, this is just how every single other person refers to the 3G. When you say Iphone 3 it could mean the third iphone, which is the 3GS.