Palo Alto, Calif. – Global shipments of mobile phones
running Google’s Android operating system grew 886% in the second quarter from
a year ago, according to a report from market research firm Canalys.

The global
smartphone market grew by 64% in the second quarter, while the U.S. market —
the largest smartphone market in the world by a significant margin — grew 41%,
with 14.7 million units shipped.

Android devices accounted for 34% of U.S.
market share during the quarter, up 851% from a year ago.

"Expect to see
smartphones accounting for a growing proportion of the wider mobile phone
market as they become increasingly affordable to more customers," said Canalys
analyst Pete Cunningham.

"By 2013, smartphones will grow to represent over
27 percent of shipments worldwide, with the proportion in some developed
markets in Western Europe surpassing 60 percent and 48 percent in North


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