Port Washington, N.Y. – U.S. video game sales were down 8%
in September, to $1.22 billion, with sales of game-related accessories — such
as Sony’s PlayStation Move controller — the only sector to report growth
during the month, according to a report from market research firm NPD Group.
Game hardware sales were down 19%, to $383 million, while game software sales
fell 6% to $614 million.

"Hardware unit sales, with the exception of the
Xbox 360, are down versus last September, but a couple other platforms, specifically
the PS3 and the PSP are up on an average sales per week basis as compared to August,"
said NPD analyst Anita Frazier.

"Interestingly, the average retail price
of hardware increased notably this month, driven primarily by the Xbox 360
Halo:Reach bundle and the PS3 Move bundle."

"Halo:Reach" for the
Xbox 360 was the best-selling game of the month, selling 3.3 million units not
including those bundled with hardware.

NPD said that overall industry sales are
down 8% so far in 2010, with hardware sales down 13% and software sales down 8%
relative to the same point a year ago.

In a separate report, NPD noted that
U.S. consumers spent an estimated $2.6-$2.9 billion on used games, game
rentals, subscriptions, digital full game downloads, social network games,
downloadable content, and mobile game apps in the first half of 2010 —
compared with the $3.7 billion spent on physical game software for consoles and
the PC.



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