Hollywood – A coalition of movie studios, pay-TV providers
and technology firms on Wednesday launched the Entertainment Identifier
Registry (EIDR), a not-for-profit global registry that aims to develop a
universal identifying code for movies, TV episodes, video clips and other
audio-visual content.

The coalition is led by industry standards groups
MovieLabs and CableLabs, as well as Comcast (NASD: CMCSA) and Rovi Corporation (NASD: ROVI), and backed by
members including Dexlue, Universal Pictures, Neustar, Paramount (NYSE: VIA), Sonic
Solutions (NASD: SNIC), Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures, Disney (NYSE: DIS), Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX), Civolution, Vobile, INA and the
Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The registry is intended to be
"an industry resource to help streamline digital commerce and simplify
consumer transactions."

These IDs within the registry will function
similarly to UPC codes used to identify physical packaged goods, or the ISBN
code system for books.

The registry is expected to become available to members
in early 2011.


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