London – The BBC will launch an international version of its
iPlayer on-demand video service for Apple’s iPad. Expected to launch in mid-2011,
the app will bring BBC programming from the past seven days that is currently
only available to U.K. residents to the U.S. and other markets.


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  1. An iPad-only Global iPlayer??? I’ll pass, since I have no intention of spending an extra $500 on top of a monthly subscription just to watch my favorite BBC shows on a 9″ screen.

    There are tons of Americans who love UK television and would be willing to pay $15-20 per month for legal access to their favorite shows on their computer. Making this “iPad-only” is a moronic business decision. Why can’t there be a standard, internet-based interface AND an iPad app? If the BBC want my money, then let everyone in the US have a chance to subscribe. If not, I’ll gladly continue to “find” my favorite shows online soon after UK broadcast and watch them on my computer.