Espoo, Finland – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has cancelled the U.S. launch of its
X7 smartphone, which was expected to be offered exclusively by AT&T (NYSE: T) later
this year, The Wall Street Journal reported.

A source told The Journal that
Nokia believed that AT&T was not going to provide the level of marketing
and subsidies support it desired, but added that Nokia still plans to release
the X7 in other foreign markets.

Meanwhile, CNET cited a source who implied
Nokia may lack confidence in its Symbian operating system on smartphones —
as the company has already announced that future smartphones would run the
MeeGo operating system.

In terms of worldwide market share, Nokia handsets accounted
for 32.7% in the third quarter, down from 38.3% a year ago, while rivals Apple,
Samsung, HTC and others have gained market share, according to IDC.

"In the past, Nokia
could afford to ignore the U.S. because there was so much growth in markets
overseas," Daniel Hays, a telecom consultant with the firm PRTM, told The

"However, with the rise of the mobile internet in the U.S., Nokia
can’t afford to not be in the mix."


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