Los Angeles – A pair of new legal actions has been taken
against BitTorrent file-sharing software users in the U.S., by the holders of
copyrights to anime series "One Piece," and the Paris Hilton
"sex tape," TorrentFreak reported.

Funimation, the U.S. distributor
of "One Piece," has filed suit against 1,337 alleged downloaders of
one episode of the series.

Meanwhile, XPAYS, the copyright holder to the 2003
Paris Hilton Sex Tape, has sued 843 alleged BitTorrent downloaders of the

Both lawsuits are "John Doe" complaints, intended to force
ISPs to reveal the identities of their subscribers who allegedly made the
illicit downloads.

Typically, copyright owners then make settlement offers to the
accused downloaders, for amounts far less than costs associated with fighting
the charges in the courts.


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