Espoo, Finland – Facing declining market share in the key
nascent smartphone sector, new Nokia (NYSE:  NOK) CEO Stephen Elop is expected to announce a
number of radical changes on Friday, including, according to reports, perhaps
opting to use software from Microsoft (NASD:  MSFT) or Google (NASD:  GOOG), and moving its headquarters to

CNET’s roundup of rumors included The Register’s reporting Nokia
sources as saying the company may move its headquarters from Espoo, Finland to
Silicon Valley.

Reuters reports Nokia will shelve its MeeGo operating system,
which could figure with The Wall Street Journal’s report that Nokia is
considering using software from rivals Microsoft (Windows Phone 7) or Google
(Android) to run its phones.

Nokia laid off 1,700 employees in 2009 and 1,800
in October 2010, followed by another 800 in Finland in December — when it delayed
launch of its E7 smartphone.

The Journal reported last month that the
AT&T-exclusive E7’s launch was canceled.



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  1. “Reuters reports Nokia will shelve its MeeGo operating system”

    Nokia will not release a N9-00 phone which was leaked to net last summer. Instead they are going to release N9-01 with better hardware.

    Read carefully the Reuters article. It is from a well-known Nokia-basher Mr. Tarmo Virki.

  2. The Treo was released in 2002, as well as Nokia’s first smartphone, the 7650, as well as ‘Windows Smartphone’ edition, and plenty of other Windows based smartphones. By 2004, we had dozens of “smartphones” being offered by a number of carriers.

    7-9 years is a long time for a technology-based industry.

  3. Relative to most of the world, which is still using ‘feature’ phones, the smartphone sector remains “nascent,” which means, “not yet fully developed.”