McKinney, Texas – DISH Network’s (NASD: DISH) Blockbuster on Friday announced that it is lowering the cost of movies rented in-store to 99 cents per day on “thousands” of titles, as well as discounting brand new releases to $2.99 and other newer releases to $1.99.

Additional rental days for all movies will now also be 99 cents — matching the price point of Redbox, the automated DVD rental kiosk company that had a hand in helping bankrupt Blockbuster.

“Our customers are seeking a better value — we’ve answered with new pricing and the flexibility of single day rentals,” said Blockbuster president Michael Kelly.

“Our new pricing gives our customers the best of both worlds: access to the latest releases — many 28 days before Netflix and Redbox — and the most movies at low prices.”

DISH Network acquired Blockbuster’s assets out of bankruptcy for $320 million last month.


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