New York — The recent news of Verizon Wireless eliminating its unlimited data plan on Thursday could spark Sprint into joining Apple’s iPhone ranks, Wired reported, citing Citadel Securities analyst Shing Yin.

Sprint also offers cheaper limited plans than AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which “could offer an attractive proposition for more price-conscious users” and “could be a relatively stronger seller than the Verizon iPhone,” said Yin.

Having launched the iPhone exclusive with AT&T and now having the phones on Verizon Wireless as well, Apple could seek out other major carriers in the United States that could increase the iPhone’s distribution still further.

“The main thing for Apple is increased distribution, which is more important now than when the iPhone was first released,” Yin told in a phone interview.

Even though Yin’s analysis has not been confirmed by Sprint or Apple, an article in May from AllThingsD also suggests that the iPhone wouldn’t be limited to just Verizon and AT&T customers.

“Industry checks indicate AAPL has or is about to announce new carrier deals in time for the holidays with T-Mobile and Sprint,” said Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek.

Even if the iPhone is introduced to Sprint carriers, Yin does not expect a lower price point than an iPhone from other competing carriers.

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