Qualtré Inc. announced it had raised $10 million in a new investment round, emphasizing the growing market for gyroscopic motion sensors like those the Massachusetts company makes. Participating institutional venture capital investors in this round are Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures.

It plans to use these funds to commercialize Qualtré’s recently developed BAW (bulk-acoustic wave) inertial sensor device technology, by expanding infrastructure and developing products. This type of device is essential for consumer products like cameras that have image stabilization, game controllers like Nintendo’s Wii that respond to being moved in three dimensions, and many smartphone applications.

“With the tremendous adoption of motion sensing across multiple consumer electronics platforms, the market opportunity is growing exponentially. We are excited to increase our investment in the Qualtré team, enabling them to accelerate the productization of their innovative technology and gain rapid market penetration,” said Matrix Partners general partner Stan Reiss.