Orb Networks today released a significant update to its Orb Live app, the mobile component of the Oakland, Calif.-based company’s suite of products that enable consumers to placeshift their media content.

This new version of the $10 Live Orb app is the first service to support placeshifting programs on Hulu, according to Orb Networks‘ CEO and co-founder Joe Costello. It also enables placeshifting of content from Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand, along with ESPN and broadcast networks.

Additionally, the streaming quality of the video is improved by incorporating technology that causes the video to adjust in real time to make the best of its connection. The revised app also features a mobile-optimized global index of TV programs.

Orb does not charge any fees or subscriptions, so there is no additional cost on top of any fees already charged by the consumer’s choice of content service. The app currently is available only for Apple’s iOS, with the Android version due before the end of August. Consumers also must download the free Orb Caster software from to their PC or Mac.

All of the original Orb Live features are intact, including live streaming to mobile of online music (like Pandora and SiriusXM) as well as music, video and photos already on the consumer’s computer.