Taiwan — Apple’s lawsuits that were once thought to hinder HTC’s path to success have proven to be a failure. Despite HTC’s ongoing legal battle, the company reported a record-breaking Q2 report Friday morning.

In their earnings call, the company reported 12.1 million units sold in the second quarter — nearly a 102.9 percent year-to-year growth rate after Q2 taxes. The company accredits their success to its ChaCha and Wildfire S smartphones, with the Evo 3D, Sensation and Thunderbolt continuing “to drive mobile broadband to 4G speed.”

In all, the company profited 24.8 percent from its first quarter sales.

HTC’s recent report comes at a time when the Taiwan-based mobile developer is still battling Apple over copyright laws. Although Apple’s win against the company on two counts of copyright infringement could potentially hurt the company, HTC is still pushing their sales and mobile devices ahead.

HTC expects their Q3 to show 13.5 million shipped units that could potentially bring HTC’s net value to $137 billion next quarter.

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