Hard rock band Mastodon have raided the digital toybox to include an augmented reality experience on their upcoming album, a feature that should entice fans to buy rather than pirate.

The Reprise Records recording artist’s new release The Hunter will debut Sept. 27 in a package that includes an interactive augmented reality experience created by Los Angeles-based company Total Immersion. By using a camera on a computer and the album cover art, users can turn themselves into the sculpture that is pictured on the cover (pictured).

In addition to that basic release, two more expensive versions of the album will be available. Besides the augmented reality cover, the Deluxe package comes with a DVD that includes music videos along with something Mastodon call a psychedelic visualizer.

For $50, a Direct-to-Fan package is available exclusively from the band’s website. This includes an exclusive insert that triggers a more extensive augmented reality experience that contains additional embedded content, details of which have not yet been announced. It also comes with a lenticular poster of the standard album cover artwork, along with keys to download the first single and two bonus tracks.

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