As part of the relaunch of iHeartRadio to include customized music streams, social interaction and other features, Clear Channel Radio has signed a deal with social marketing platform company Vitrue that encompasses all of its 850 radio stations and personality properties.

Vitrue said its SRM product means Clear Channel Radio can publish and promote across all of its pages with consistent messaging and branding, while it also could deliver customized local and market-specific versions, all from the same platform.

One of Vitrue’s first campaigns will be the iHeartRadio Music Festival promotions, advertising opportunities, informational updates, news, exclusive content and sweepstakes underway between now and the event on September 23 and 24.

“While social marketing allows brands to reach a global audience, it is imperative to provide the functionality to promote across local markets in real time – which is why our platform is such a good fit for Clear Channel,” said Reggie Bradford, CEO and founder of Vitrue.

Larry Linietsky, senior vice president, Product and Operations of Clear Channel Radio, said the deal was part of the company’s drive to maximize listener engagement across a broad range of media.

Among Vitrue’s other clients are McDonald’s, American Express, P&G brands and Disney.