Out of the millions of videos streamed on YouTube’s site every day, music videos are by far the most popular.

According to ComScore, which will start publishing data on YouTube’s channel partners tomorrow, 40 percent of YouTube’s audience watches music videos, more than any other category. Vevo, a joint venture among Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media, has a channel that accounts for 30 percent of YouTube’s entire monthly viewers and is hands-down the most watched YouTube channel . Warner Music’s channel came in second with 20 percent.

Allen Debevoise, CEO of third-ranked YouTube channel Machinima, compared YouTube to a cable provider with content partners such as Machinima as part of its online partners. “Machinima is a network in the same way that MTV Network is on Comcast with a broad array of channels,” he said.

These numbers are impressive, but they’re not equivalent to television viewing statistics. ComScore’s data found that of the top 20 YouTube channels, the average viewer watches a total of 22.5 minutes a month.

YouTube has a wide-range of content partners — some of which chose not to participate in ComSore’s initial measurement program to determine what consumers are watching. Because of this, ComScore’s analysis is based on the existing surveyed companies, although the measurement firm said its list reflects most of YouTube’s top creators.

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