Seoul, South Korea — Apple is facing the heat from many upset South Korean iPhone owners.

The company’s South Korean unit, which was fined two weeks ago by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) for improperly tracking user’s data without authorization, was hit today with a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of 27,000  South Koreans. The KCC had further ordered corrective measures to remove bugs it said it found in systems supposed to protect location information, and ordered that location data be encrypted.

As first reported by the Korean Herald, the lawsuitwas filed by Seoul-based attorney Kim Hyung-Suk and his firm Mirae Law,and is seeking 1 million won (about $930) per person in damages. Altogether the lawsuit is suing Apple for $25 million.

“Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so,” said Steve Park, a spokesman for Apple Korea, two weeks ago. Apple blamed the unauthorized tracking on a bug in iOS4 that was tracking data from iPhone and iPad owners.

Apple was previously fined $2,855 from the KCC for collecting data. Apple said it fixed the problem with an iOS system update.

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