Carrier billing provider PaymentOne, which was founded in 2000, announced that it has now processed more than $5 billion in transactions and confirmed that the company is profitable.

Among the company’s customers are virtual goods sellers like AOL, Gaia Online, and Blizzard Entertainment’s World of WarcraftGaia Online reports having more than 23 million registered users, 7 million of whom visit at least once a month. World of Warcraft has more than 11.1 million users and is commonly accepted as the world’s largest multi-player online game. PaymentOne is supported by 1,200 telecom operators in 70 countries.

“Previously, merchants and publishers were not able to reach the many consumers that could not or would not transact with traditional credit card process online,” said Brad Singer, executive vice president of PaymentOne. “Our vision of enabling more consumers to participate in the digital economy still drives the company today.”

PaymentOne’s flagship product is AnyPhone, which allows consumers to charge common digital transactions to their mobile phone, fixed line or broadband service bill without the need for a credit card. It also provides billing services enabling digital merchants to add secure and convenient payment options.

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