Canadians are getting a new cross-platform movie service called Hollywood Suite, which promises to be available “on TV, on demand, online and on the go” when it goes live in November.

Hollywood Suite is positioning itself as the exclusive home of movie channels from both Warner Bros. and MGM. It will launch with four new high-definition channels featuring commercial-free HD movies 24/7, uncut and unedited. The announcement was made by Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, president, Warner Bros. International Television, Bruce Tuchman, president, MGM Worldwide Networks and Jay Switzer, chairman and co-founder of Hollywood Suite, on Wednesday.

Subscribers will be offered four television channels showing at least 450 different movie titles every month, some of which will available online and on mobile devices depending on licensing rights. Pricing and packaging has not yet been disclosed, but the intent is for them to be bundled into cable, satellite and IPTV tiers rather than stand alone as pay per view.

“These channels are designed to meet the strong audience demand for movies across all platforms and support Canada’s television service providers,” says Hollywood Suite chairman and co-founder Jay Switzer, the former CEO of CHUM Ltd. “With a number of leading financial backers including Alliance Films, and with studio support from Warner Bros., MGM, and Alliance, as well as many Canadian producers, we know these channels will be exceptionally well received in Canada.”

Hollywood Suite Inc. is a newly formed, privately owned Toronto-based company founded by industry veterans Jay Switzer, Jeff Sackman, Michael McLaughlin, Catherine Tait and David Kines.

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