As the media coverage swarms around Facebook, Google+, Weibo, Renren, LinkedIn and others, targeted services like Raptr are connecting targeted people rather than the masses. That’s how the social network for gamers recently managed to reach the milestone of 10 million registered users, up from 6 million in February, with over 1 million of them active on a daily basis.

Raptr credited some of the growth to the personalized news feed it began offering in May, which lets members “follow” their choice of gaming topics the way members of other services follow specific people. These choices also get factored in with players’ interests and gameplay activities to inform what selection of news and other content each member sees.

The Raptr client allows users to chat while playing PC games via any instant messaging service, syncs with XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and other game profiles, download free games, and engage in more general kinds of social network interactions.

Behind the scenes, Raptr anonymously tracks members’ gaming activity to analyze gameplay trends and statistics across consoles and PC. It also partners with game publishers who bundle Raptr’s client into their games to add social features that increase adoption, interaction and revenue, and it provides game developers and publishers with information about player trends across titles, genres and platforms.

“We’re constantly adding features that enhance the Raptr community by leveraging our deep data tracking to help users get more out of their games and fuel conversation between players with similar interests,” said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. “As a result, Raptr is also in a unique position to provide developers and publishers a deeper understanding of consumer trends and habits, helping game creators connect with their consumers in meaningful ways.”

Since 2007, Raptr has raised more than $27 million in funding from investors Accel Partners, Founder’s Fund, DAG Ventures and Tenaya Capital.

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