Hulu makes a lot of its money from advertisers who are attracted to showing ads that viewers can’t fast-forward through. But viewers can close their eyes and turn down the audio. Now half of that blocking strategy is automated, thanks to a small piece of software called Hush that mutes the audio whenever Hulu shows a commercial.

Kaja Software’s Hush is free and open source, and it’s installed as a small plug-in to the Hulu desktop client, Firefox or Chrome. The Hush icon appears in the status bar and stays gray when it’s not at work, but turns green and red when it realizes an ad is on and has muted the audio. The software automatically restores the sound at the end of the ad, and the icon goes grey again.

Hush can be clicked off if the viewer wants to hear the commercials, and it needs to be off when the user isn’t watching Hulu.

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Photo by flickr user Tim Parkinson, used under Creative Commons license


    • Without getting into whether a Mac is a computer :), you’re basic point is correct. Thanks for pointing it out.
      Hush requires OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, but it does not work with Safari.