Two more movies are going to be released on UltraViolet, doubling the number of films available to users of the digital locker platform. When the Blu-ray version of The Smurfs and Friends with Benefits go on sale Dec. 2, the Sony Pictures’ films will have the capability to be shared across multiple home and mobile devices at no additional cost, using the DECE consortium’s licensed technology.

The news was confirmed by John Calkins, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s executive vice president, Global Digital and Commercial Innovation. Sony Pictures has been a strong supporter of the technology that enables consumers to buy a movie once and play it anywhere since its inception.

Those two titles follow Warner Home Entertainment Group’s Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses into the marketplace mid-October, providing the first opportunity to see how the platform fares when people vote with their wallets for either ownership or rental. The members of the DECE consortium believe that UltraViolet will make it simpler (and more legal) for consumers to control how, when, where and on what screen they watch movies and television programs.

Calkins was speaking during a panel at TheGrill industry conference, which ends today in Beverly Hills, California.

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