USA Network, Discovery, Oxygen and HBO are among the companies using GetGlue Business, a beta product that serves as a marketing dashboard for tracking campaign success and to provide incentives for fans who become advocates. By working with and identifying the specific needs of the entertainment industry, GetGlue intends to become the check-in platform of choice for this attractive category.

It should help that GetGlue unveiled a major update Tuesday to both its website and iOS mobile app, adding new features like: Interesting Conversations, a real-time stream of GetGlue check-ins and tweets; Friend Leaderboard, which shows a user’s top ten friends on any specific topic, ranked by the number of check-ins; and an improved interface for seeing personal stats, stickers unlocked, specials, and trending information on every check-in.

GetGlue reports having 1.5 million users, and that its user’s social network activities mean it reaches as many as 80 million people daily. The resulting millions of data points provide the foundation for the company’s business-to-business services, and make possible some fun observations like the check-in popularity chart it provided to AdAge (see below).

In many ways, this kind of data is more useful for marketing and advertising purposes than general viewer numbers, since fans who take the trouble to check in are more engaged with the program than are people who may have left that channel on out of inertia. That makes them more valuable to target.

HBO is taking advantage of that fact by offering 30 percent off an online store purchase to everyone who checked in to all 12 episodes of True Blood, which aired its last episode on Sept. 11 and just happens to top GetGlue’s chart of TV program check-ins. FX Network gave away a branded pitcher and glasses to randomly chosen viewers who checked in to the season finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And of course there are the ever-popular stickers, most recently for Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. Television’s Big Bang Theory, now airing five nights a week on Fox.

Another use for this kind of information is for optimizing the value of back catalog. For example, two of the GetGlue top ten are cartoons – Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life – that were added to Viacom’s TeenNick on Sept. 5 as part of its The 90′s Are All That retro programming block.

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