Sunday marks the end of an event from mobile rewards network Kiip and the Guinness World Records to get one player into the famous record book for “The Highest Score Achieved on Mega Jump,” the free-to-play mobile game from Canadian developer Get Set Games with more than 16 million players in dozens of countries. This competition, which started Sept. 28, kicks off an ongoing network integration that will see players of every Kiip-enabled game being potentially eligible to become a Guinness World Records holder.

The competition is a showcase for Kiip’s platform, which the company said is now tracking close to 2 million rewardable achievements per day across the 20 games in their network. Players of Kiip-enables games get awards for specific achievements of in-game currency and prizes from brands like Sephora, Vitamin Water and Carl’s Jr.

On Monday, one of these players will qualify for a certificate commemorating his or her achievement and a place in the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamers Edition when it is published in January.

“Mobile gaming is exploding, and with Kiip we’re able to plug into this growing community to keep track of all of these amazing achievements,” said Samantha Fay, senior vice president USA & Global Marketing at Guinness World Records. “With the huge success of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition since its inception, we think that a very natural evolution into mobile gaming.”

Earlier this month, Kiip’s SDK became available to the Verizon Developer Community, making it possible for third-party developers to include Kiip’s platform in their applications. Kiip’s SDK is available for both iOS and Android platforms, but only players using iPhones can vie in this promotional event.

“We’re making achievements more rewarding, while building a new ad model. That’s always been what Kiip’s been about,” said Brian Wong, CEO, Kiip. “We thought to ourselves – how do we differentiate amongst networks and to build our brand beyond any network has ever seen? And so we found the ultimate way through world records, to recognize our true inventory: the achievement moment. This is also an ongoing network integration that will see all Kiip-enabled games from today onward having the opportunity to contribute to the record books. It is a network enhancer that is super fitting to our moments-based model.”

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