Karmasphere has secured an additional $6 million in funding, led by new investor Presidio Ventures with participation from existing investors Hummer Winblad and US Venture Partners. This brings the total investment in the company’s Big Data Intelligence software, which helps businesses structure and manage Hadoop projects and workflow, to $11 million. Presidio Ventures’ Shun Aramaki will be joining the board.

This is interesting because while everyone generally understands the uses of collected data for things like personalization, recommendation and trend tracking, an awful lot of data needs to be crunched before any of that can be done. Otherwise this collected data would be about as useful as if the Library of Congress just chucked all of its collections into Pennsylvania’s Beaver Stadium.

Apache Hadoop is the open source software project that strives to make it easier to process these unimaginably huge quantities of data points, and it’s part of what powers Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Hulu and other companies. As Karmasphere explains, “Hadoop is used to house the massive amounts of unstructured, interactional data being generated by web logs, machine-to-machine communications, mobile devices, video, social media and sensors. By using Karmasphere to analyze this Big Data, companies can gain competitive advantage by discovering ideas for new products, improving customer service and optimizing operations.”

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