Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, has released the trailer for its highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. It’s the latest in a top quality, internationally successful and genre-defining franchise that often serves as a bogeyman for anyone with an anti-game agenda.

The action centers on development studio Rockstar North’s version of Los Angeles, known in the game as Los Santos, with Southern California’s socioeconomic disparity on screen in full color. That answers one of the main questions fans have been asking.

But demonstrating the hold Grand Theft Auto has on the gaming industry, that’s the only question the trailer answers. No release date, no hints regarding playable characters, no reliable indications of what the vehicles will be – and actually, no guarantee that this is the only location or that the male narrator will be in the finished game.

With more than 114 million copies sold worldwide, Grand Theft Auto can generate buzz and excited speculation just from the trailer. Accordingly, here it is (below).

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