Yahoo Screen is debuting Failure Club, a new web series produced by Morgan Spurlock based on the crowdsourced adventures created by Philip Kiracofe.

As in the real-world Failure Club, the seven participants in the docudrama meet once a week for a year to help each other achieve the things they’d otherwise never dare to do. The show includes, for example, a stay-at-home mom who wants to start her own business, a market researcher who wants to become a stand-up comic, and a 55-year-old woman who wants to become an equestrian. Success is not guaranteed.

In an unfortunate turn of phrase given the corporation’s current status, Spurlock (pictured) said, “I can honestly say there is no better home for Failure Club than on Yahoo.” What he meant, of course, is that “Yahoo wants to try things traditional outlets shy away from.”

The show is a production of Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets in conjunction with Yahoo. “This show is my own Failure Club,” Spurlock said. “I tried to get this concept on network television for seven years, but they were all scared to death of a year-long format. People all over the world will be able to follow these courageous people and their quest to achieve their dreams and, hopefully along the way, they’ll be inspired to chase some dreams of their own.”

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  1. Meg – I can’t wait to see your progress. Watching you the thought that kept running through my mind was to “embrace yourself!” I think if you started making jokes about how your face turns red, or how you write half jokes with no punch line or how you probably want to barf when you stand up in front of people, you would be hilarious! I love your whole demeanor! Keep it. I think you could be one really, really funny girl! Keep your look! Keep your voice! Look inside! You have a fan already!